Lucas Siegel

Lucas Siegel is the co-founder and CEO of AlternaScript LLC., a rapidly growing startup out of Austin, TX. He envisions a future where E-commerce connects the best products to individuals around the world. Lucas is also a founding partner of Capital Peak Investments with business endeavors in software development, real estate, and health.

Lucas and co-founder, Matthew Piskorz, created OptiMind to deliver a competitive advantage without the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals, or even the crash from coffee. OptiMind has attained nationwide success and is soon to launch internationally. It’s been featured in VICE News, There Are No Roads, Small Business Trends, and many more. Lucas believes in hacking life through maximizing health and consciousness.

Pricing strategy is key to finding the best price for consumer price sensitivity.

Pricing Strategy: Value, Not Costs

Determining Price and Price Sensitivity Pricing your products appropriately is critical to optimizing lifetime value and attracting the right customers. Price says a lot more about your brand than just the cost. Price is how you position yourself in the marketplace. Price is the value of the product to the consumer. It’s imperative that you […]

Brand names convey a lot to the consumer.

Brand Strategy: How to Name a Product

Name your product or business with strategy. Finding the perfect name for a product or brand can be an agonizing process. When we were rebranding Alleradd to OptiMind, it took more than a month of debating, searching, lawyering, surveying, and second-guessing ourselves before we had a quality name picked out. I learned a lot during […]